In the name of God.

Druck, farbignach eine Gem„lde von Wolfgang Willrich, 1897 -Systematik: Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. With the term of “Germanic” we intend and identify every Nordic type of living form and culture. “Germanic” is the Nordic genetic group (genes, Blood-line) and culture. It’s a latin term created by Roma empire’s leaders and it does mean “Nordic”. It was assigned to the real Nordic  pagan tribes and single men who were comming  from Scandinavia and north Germany.They had born genetically right there. Purest Celts. It’s synonimous of Teutonic. If we did translate “Teutonic” by english to german language we found “Deutsch” and “Teutonisch”. The terms of “Germanic, German” are the latinization of the term “Deutsch”.  “Germanic people… german people” mean Nordic people as genetically as culturally and spirit. So… the german Language word of “Deutsch” meant Nordic. Several names and adjectives, having the same meaning. When we write “Germanic roots” we intend  “Nordic blood line and culture”.                        Die Germanen (german language) were those pagan tribes comming from Scandinavia and north Germany. “Die germanen” word is the latin way of “Die Deutschen” on modern german language. So if you are Germanic type of man (Nordic type) you are “ein Deutscher” (German) also if you have not born in Germany and if you don’t speak german. It’s a genetic and cultural question. On the contrary  If you are a german citizen (deutscher Buerger) you could be also a no-germanic man… a no-nordic man. Having born in Germany is not synonimous of germanic Heritage. It depends by the single person.  Todays mass understands the definition of “german” like something connected only with the birthplace, parents, language and passport. On the contrary we understand (to say again) what “german” means germanic and this one is synonimous of Nordic. The Real German Folk is the cluster of the all nordic type of men (every Nordic human and culture…). So… if you are Nordic type of man you are german…you are “Ein Deutscher” .



We understand the definition of “Germanic territories” with those holy Lands where our Nordic ancestors have born and all places conquered by themselves during the whole all time. WHERE CAN WE FOUND STILL SOME GERMANICS ? We can still meet for sure someone in Scandinavia, actual Germany, Austria, Switzerland, North Italy, France, Belgium and Luxemburg, Netherlands, U.K. and Ireland, Poland, CZ, Slovakia, Bielorussia, North and western Russia, Baltic Area, North America, Australia and New Zeland. It does not mean what we can’t find a single nordic man to another country. This list is refered to significant groups.



Defending own roots is NOT any hate against the other people. It’s just preserving our identity by peaceful daily actions, what our ancestors did have us hand down through the years and through our Parents, Grandparents, great-grandparents ,  great-great grandparents   … and so on. It has nothing to do with xenophobias but with love and faithfulness about our Roots, dears, one folk, spirit and culture. Hate is negative vibration what humans can suffer cause obvious reasons of conditions. Respect, Justice, real  healthy love and life style, peace, courage and order,  are the highest positive vibrations who get devolping ourself. They modulate us on high frequencies. Higher realms. We mean  as body and mind as soul and spirit when we’re talking about evolution and higher frequency-realm. Destroying those values means block our evolution, progress, divine targets and projects.

I do believe what one of the most high and Holy actions is preservate own Blood Line predominance having children of the same line. Mixing own blood line…own genetic predominance is synonimous of egoism and pollution. It’s a big ..big ..crime. It has nothing to do with hate but with protection of roots, identity and future. Actual world disorder is caused above all by this type of mixing. It’s mixing blood lines that we produce more conflicts and discomforts-indispositions.