The Hyperborean folk’s Land.  Hyperboreans… The Folk of Sun … People of Light.


THULE (Hyperborea) was a great empire created and inhabited by NORDIC type of  people only. The first empire living on this earth by several theories and legends. Someone did name them like the “Divine Race” because their soul-level  was very close to God’s wisdom and their brain was very much evolved. Their soul and mind have not very much in common with today’s nordic men… (…also if we didn’t have to forget what they are their “grandkids”). By the some theories, They were comming from a planet gravitating around Aldebaran star. Taurs constellation. When Aldebaran was collapasing they have start a massive emigration to another planets where leaving there thrit clones, their grandsons. One of these planets was our earth. When Thulean Empire has got at the end of time because of one world  natural disaster (last world ice age??) the folks have suffered a strong barbarization (viking era??). Fortunately they have got keeping with some ancient teaching ancestor’s. Some theories suppose also what the empire was living before of continents separation. Throughout today (the new Era)  we follow to suffer much intended barbarization cause the lies – fake ideologies/politics  by many world system’s offices. Thule’s geographical territory was including actual North Pole, Scandinavia, North Germany, Baltic Area, Siberia, Canada and Alaska. The climate was totally different by today. It was temperate and like we can image there wasn’t any type of pollution. Their genes exist still inside someone of us. We germanic tribes’es descendants. The people-sharing are very fews today unfortunately and they are comming from different nations/passports/languages. The alternative and antagonist history did affirm also what the Nordic genetic group members are not alone today. I do also believe what the first ancestors will come back here to save their grandsons (ourself)…. saving those persons being “Nordic blood line predominance” and pure Nordic soul….. Just when they’ll deserve this salvage. Those warriors comming from very far away will be not the only one. Of course there are others civilizations positively interested about  human species. It will be happening when it will be possible and right. How can we deserve it? Let’s start to protect/save our ancestral heritage and soul-purity. Let’s start to leave and remove all lies this global system gives us like a present. Extreme materialism and consumering included. In conclusion we also could state what UNIVERSE is infinite. No one scientist has discovered any universe’s spacial border by mathematician outcome or observation. Until now they have found hundred billion stars inside our galaxy and hundred billion galaxies. So it’s very much possible (or maybe we can say it’s sure..) there are several races/civilizations. I’m sure that we are not alone in this Universe.

There were many persons interested and talking about Thule empire Island continent as during early middle ages as early 900.  Pythéas, Antónios Dioghénes, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Maria Orsic,  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,  Renè Guenon, Robert Charroux …. etc.