Germanic Pride World Right


We trust in God.

I’ve decided to open this “blog – page”  to write about my wish to defend and loving my older Roots. We’re living in a world full of lies, appearances, fake life, consumering and big ignorance. I try to devolpe myself.  It’s to be friend with the truth and loyalty. I DO NOT HATE JUST ONE FORM OF LIVING BECAUSE OF DIFFERENCE  WITH  ME. You can be what you want to.

I just hate lies and every type of parasite who wanna destroy this world with his different several folks. I love the whole all Universe’s Nature… I understand I’m part of that one. I wanna respect his form and color. I wanna respect his identity… and laws. I’m his allied. The only one politic and ideology we should follow is the Nature. Nothing else. We follow the nature we follow the truth and the right.  We can’t be wrong on that way. If you are against universe nature you are my enemy.

Going against nature could mean several things. Think over what this planet and his natural forms of living need and are rapresenting. Planet’s nature is  the projection of the reality. It’s projection of others “dimensions”.  When you safeguard your identity you protect a ring of nature chain.


I understand what we humans are a little part of this chain… we are an animal  species and like the Others we are divided by genetic groups. The same one for the dog, horse, cow, bird, rodent, fishes, etc.  In the name of freedom,  my opinion is what you are committing an environmental crime when you mix their genetic groups. You are committing pollution. What’s pollution ?? … It is Nature alteration. You alter someone/something when you modify his dna, primordial form, identity. You modify the both If you mix a genetic Group with another one . You distort the Nature.  .. Now.. are you believing in GOD ?? Yes ? … so do you wanna modifying/destroying what he’s created here ??  Mixing is alterating and alterating is pollution. Mixing species is chemical-biological weathering.   Think over please.


” Eine Nation, die nicht den lebendigen Zusammenhang mit ihren Ursprüngen bewahrt, dem Verdorren nahe sei so wie ein Baum, den man von seinen Wurzeln getrennt hat. “

Heinrich von Sybel.
Jahr 1863 mit Blick auf die Germanenzeit.